2018-2020 онд хэрэгжих Монгол - Тайваний хамтарсан төслийн санал хүлээн авна





A.    Within the framework of the Taiwanese-Mongolian scientific and technological cooperation agreement, Taiwanese and Mongolian research teams are hereby invited to submit joint research proposals in the following fields:

  •      Bio-medical Science and Traditional Medicine
  •      Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Smart Machinery 
  •      Innovative Science Education and Entrepreneurship
  •      Green Energy and Ecology
  •      New Agriculture and Recycling Economics

Cooperation may take the form of joint research project:
     Complementary research activities, where interdependent subprojects of a single program are conducted simultaneously in Taiwan and in Mongolia with mutual updating and evaluation
     Complementary methodological approaches to a joint problem is conducted in Taiwan and in Mongolia with mutual updating and evaluation
     Joint research project:
The total maximum funding for each individual project is US$18,000 from each side per year, to subsidize personnel expenses, consumables, traveling and living expenses, but may not purchase instruments or equipment. The project period may be up to three years.
     Restriction for traveling expenses:
The following items cannot be declared:
-    Visa application to the 3rd country
-    Living expenses in the3rd country
-    Airfare not ‘from’ or ‘to’ either Mongolia or Taiwan
     Proposals must involve a Mongolian Principal Investigator (PI) and a Taiwanese PI.
     The PI on each side must be affiliated to an academic institution or research institute. Researchers from industry may take part in the program as partners in teams headed by PI’s from an academic institution or research institute.
     The PIs are expected to take responsibility for the execution of the proposal throughout the duration of the project.
E.    Mutual Visits for Joint Research Projects
Participating scientists are encouraged to spend an extended period of time visiting in the institutions of their counterparts. So long as the visits are an integral part of research cooperation, international travel and local expenses of visiting scientists will be included in the budget proposal of the research project--travel and living expenses for Mongolian researchers traveling to Taiwan will be paid by the part of Mongolia grant. Travel and living expenses in Mongolia for Taiwanese researchers will be paid by the part of Taiwanese grant.
Proposals will be evaluated by a joint procedure based on recommendation of scientific committees. Evaluation will be based on:
     Academic excellence.
     Extent of existing collaboration between the Taiwanese and the Mongolian research teams.
     Expected level of collaboration between the Taiwanese and the Mongolian research teams.
All applications must be received no later than 31 May 2018.
G.    The application forms and accompanying material (in ‘pdf’ or ‘doc’ format) should be submitted to MOST from Taiwanese side, while the Mongolian side to MECSS/MFST.
     The expected starting date for approved projects is 1 September 2018.
Upon approval of a particular project, separate contracts may be signed in Mongolia and Taiwan respectively, between the responsible funding agency and the institution of the PI. The contracts may include provisions regarding intellectual property rights, as agreed upon by Taiwan and Mongolia research teams. A request for the continuation of research funding must be submitted to the responsible agencies on the appropriate forms at least two months prior to the end of the first year of the project, together with the annual scientific report.
Payments will be made in keeping with the provisions of the contracts mentioned above, according to the practices and regulations in effect for each funding agency and depend on budget availability.
-    Financial Reports: Financial reports will be submitted according to the practice of each funding agency, as specified in the research contract.
-    Scientific Reports
i.    A joint scientific report must be submitted to the funding agencies two months prior to the end of the first year of the research contract, together with the request for continuation of research funding (see paragraph H[2] above).
ii.    A joint final report covering the work carried out during the entire project period must be submitted within two months of the conclusion of the project. Additional interim progress reports may be required, according to the practices and regulations of each side, as specified in the research contracts.

     2018-2020 MOST-MECSS Application Form MN-001-008

Additional information can be obtained from the following:

MOST/Ms. Natalie Kin
Program Director
Department of International Cooperation & Science Education
Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan
Email: jsjen@most.gov.tw


International Relations Specialist
Mongolian Foundation for Science and Technology
Email: foreignaffair@stf.mn
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

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