The Purpose of MFST is to support scientific researches, evaluate outcomes to increase knowledge, skills and fruitfulness of scientific researches, provide sustaining funding to make a contribution in development of science and technology in Mongolia. The latter one should be a basis of further development of our country.

MFST main activities:

  • Submitting a tender for scientific technological projects, accepting project
  • Executing expertise projects together with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science
  • Providing selected projects to the National Council of Science and Technology
  • Estimating financial support for projects and granting them for examination to the Ministry of Economics and Finance
  • Managing the agreement on financing the projects and their distribution
  • Controlling the finance allocation for the projects
  • Evaluating the outcome of the completed projects
  • Repayment of financial debts Monitoring and analyzing the projects and basic researches
  • Accepting and advertizing scientific works
  • Providing scientific information in MFST library and on electronic carriers
  • Strengthening and deepening foreign cooperation

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