Demand for traditional medical services and some issues of their management


Sciences: Social

Registration number: 2560

Year: 2010

Curre ntly nations throughout the world are studying and disseminating their traditional medicine and Mongolians create new trend and attitude of medical care and service besides resuming their great heritage and culture of traditional medicine. World Health Organization recommends countries to develop their traditional medicine linking with modern science of medicine, based on particular surveys and analyses are conducted.
However, the basic concept for developing Mongolian traditional medicine have been developed and implemented twice, “Government policy on Mongolian traditional medicine”, studies plan of united theory of traditional and modern medicines in master plan for developing Mongolian science and technology studies plan, “Master Plan for health sector” – the policy renovation for 2006-2015, “The frame of implementing master plan for health sector” (2006-2010) and other documents have been developing and implementing since 1990s but lack of studies on whether effective influences of traditional medicines to which stages and to which clinical symptom of dominated diseases among population and whether the traditional medical care meets with customers’ demand are considered as burning issues in determining the further development of traditional medicine. As well as, there are lots of issues that have not been studied and determined yet as diagnosis of traditional medicine, clinical and preventive guidelines and standards have not been developed, have not been involved in united system of health information, structural and operational management of institutions that hold traditional medical care and demands of medical care and professional staffs of traditional medicine.
Aim of the study:
To study and evaluate the current situation of Mongolian traditional medicine as well as determine trends in future.
Purposes of the study:
1.To study the historical periods of the development of Mongolian traditional medicine that have been developed since 1921 when health sector initiate

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