Some causes and influencing factors of stillbirth


Sciences: Health

Registration number: 2794

Year: 2012

According to the 2011 report of WHO, in 2009 2.6 million stillbirths occur in the world, 98% of them occur in low and middle income countries. The number of stillbirths is the highest in Asia totaling 1,923,000, or 25 stillbirth cases per 1000 live births.1 In Mongolia, stillbirth cases per 1000 live births in a recent five year period were: 9.2 in 2006, and an average of 7.0-7.6 cases per year from 2007-201Q.2 Before 2002, a fetus delivered dead after 28 weeks gestation was considered a stillbirth. At this time, there is no united registration system in Mongolia, Thus, it is not possible to accurately determine the actual number of stillbirth cases,3 Therefore, we should establish the united stillbirth case system in Mongolia to more accurately estimate the real number of stillbirth cases. It is needed to estimate and help reduce the number of stillbirth cases and determine the cause and influencing factors of stillbirths. Purpose:
The purpose of this study was to determine some factors causing stillbirth by examining registration of stillbirth and detect specifics of pathology.
Materials and methods:
The study was performed in Maternity hospitals # 1, 2, 3, and the Maternal and Child Research Center of Mongolia (MCRCM). We studied 28,124 females who were followed in the above mentioned four maternity hospitals during 2006-2010. From those females, 1981 delivered stillbirth fetuses. We collected the information data from their labor histories using specially prepared survey cards. A case-control study was conducted and a survey was given to 50 live birth mothers and 50 stillbirth mothers. After delivery, both groups of mothers underwent pathological examinations of the placenta, umbilical cord, and amniotic fluid and the results were evaluated.
Result procession:
The collected information and findings of pathological examinations were coded and processed by the SPSS-19 program and the ratio of the causes and influencing factors of stillbirth were expressed by Odds ratio, 95% confidence interv

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